Heavy Lift Amphibious Solutions
Hovertrans Solutions Pte. Ltd. are designers and manufacturers of the heavy lift commercial Hovercraft, the Hoverbarge.

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 Hover hundreds of tons over:
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Commercial Hovercraft
Modular Hoverbarge

What is a Hoverbarge?
The Hoverbarge works like a Hovercraft using an air cushion skirt. However, the Hoverbarge is able to lift very heavy loads up to 2,500 tonnes. The Hoverbarge is designed specially for use in the commercial and industrial environment. The Hoverbarge operates at a relatively low speed, providing a stable platform for moving heavy loads.

Swamp Hoverbarge

The Hoverbarge is proven technology for moving large heavy loads on a cushion of air. In use since the 1970s, the commercial hovercraft application of using an air cushion to move loads opens up countless possibilities, with payloads ranging from 50 tonnes to 2,500 tonnes. Please review our Hoverbarge section for further information.

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Over 35 Years Experience
The management and design team of Hovertrans Solutions Pte. Ltd. has over 35 years experience in designing, building and operating Hoverbarges. Our Hoverbarges have developed over time based on actual operating experience, making us the 1st choice for Hoverbarges.

We also provide Hovercraft consultancy services including route assessments and Hoverbarge viability/feasibility studies.

Environmentally Friendly
The Hoverbarge only exerts 1psi ground pressure when on hover, compared to an average human footprint of 8 psi. The Hoverbarge is fully amphibious and floats when off hover like a standard marine barge. Level ground conditions such as swamps, shallow water, soft mud, ground fast ice, tundra, permafrost, sandbars, wet sand, deep water and land are perfect for the Hoverbarge.

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