About Us
The Strength to Deliver

Hovertrans Solutions Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore registered company, 51% owned by Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd (ST Marine). The remaining ownership is made up by the management team responsible for pioneering the heavy lift Hoverbarge since the 1970s.  This unique experience and knowledge from nearly 40 years of successful Hoverbarge design, development and operation, combined with the manufacturing and infrastructure facilities of ST Marine provides clients with the peace of mind that Hovertrans Solutions is the best choice for heavy lift Hoverbarges.

Adapting to change

Although the general needs of our clients may remain the same, to access remote areas without infrastructure, third party requirements are always changing, such as environmental regulations.

The Hoverbarge helps reduce environmental impact by only exerting 1psi ground pressure whilst on hover.  It also eliminates the need for building infrastructure such as roads, which in turn open up remote areas to the masses. However, it is important that we continue to develop new ways to minimise any environmental impact by sound proofing our engine and fan rooms, using the latest engines with emissions controls and working with local agencies and inhabitants in route planning.

How we work

It is important to us that your project is successful, therefore we offer the following services to work with you right from the beginning:
  • Route Assessments
  • Viability Reports
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Consultancy Services

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