Arctic Supply Craft
The Heavy Lift Hoverbarge

Hovercraft have the potential to make great Evacuation, Escape and Rescue (EER) craft for operations in the Arctic.  However, the self propelled Hoverbarge, with its ability to carry heavy loads on a cushion of air provides a great solution for the supply of Arctic oil drilling bases.

The standard hover height of our Hoverbarges is 1.8m, however, to increase this to 3m to take into account ice ridges would not be an issue.

Hovertrans Solutions has a patented skirt anti cut panel which prevents ice cutting through the skirt material. 

We can provide consultancy services including route assessments and viability reports, through to detailed desk feasibility studies.

Ice Road Hoverbarge

Self propelled Hoverbarge towing Hoverbarges in square formation.

Cold Weather Operation 

The Hoverbarge has been successfully used in the freezing temperatures of Alaska.  The Hoverbarge can be manufactured from cold weather steel with other ice and cold weather protection systems in place.

Arctic Hovercraft

160 tonne payload Hoverbarge operating in Alaska

Arctic Oil Drilling Rig - The Hoverbarge

The Hoverbarge can provide an excellent Arctic Oil drilling rig platform.  The ability to float when off hover and hover on top of land fast ice, provides flexibility when required.

In addition, the Hoverbarge can provide a great mobile base for any potential Arctic oil spill response, providing the means to store heavy response equipment and deploy to the area, even if the area is locked by ice.  This mobile base would also provide a great location for clean up crew to operate from.

Arctic Drilling Platform / Rig

Arctic hover drilling platform operating on ice

Hoverbarge Benefits:

- All season operations
- Operate over ice and tundra
- Hover over ice
- Transport heavy loads to Arctic drilling rigs
- Provide Arctic oil spill response