Heavy Equipment & Out of Gauge Loads
Transport modules and heavy equipment in areas with no infrastructure

Heavy Equipment or Prefabricated modules? Remote site access?

Industrial Hovercraft

250 tonne Payload Hoverbarge

Heavy equipment and out of gauge loads can be transported over shallow water, mudflats, shallow or frozen rivers using the heavy equipment carrying Hoverbarge.  The large cargo deck area of the Hoverbarge is well suited for the transportation of out of gauge loads.

Cheaper Petro-Chemical Processing Plants.

It is now well established that petro-chemical process plants, built for use in remote areas such as the Canadian oil sands or on the edge of the Caspian Sea, can be produced more economically if constructed in modules using existing shipbuilding facilities in the developed world. This saves on building the process plants on-site and the associated costs and timescales.

The prefabricated modules could be loaded onto the Hoverbarge at the shipyard and sent as a complete unit via a semi submersible ship. The Hoverbarge would then complete the journey unsuitable for conventional vessels to the site. The alternative is to stock pile the modules for the Hoverbarge to act as an amphibious transporter.

Hovertrans Solutions has designs for Hoverbarges with a 2,500 tonne payload.

Heavy Equipment Transportation 

Impression of a 2,500 tonne payload Hoverbarge with a module payload on the deck.


- Transporting:
      Prefabricated modules
      Out of gauge loads
      Heavy Equipment

- Access areas such as:
      Canadian oil sands
      Caspian Sea
      Middle East

- High Payloads:
      2,500 tonnes