Hovercraft Consultants
Over 35 years experience

Bring new ideas to your table.  The knowledge and experience of our most senior engineers is available for your projects.  

Our flexible hovercraft consultancy service allows you to benefit from spending time with our senior engineers at any stage of your projects.  Benefit from ideas and technical knowledge previously unheard of.

The senior management of Hovertrans Solutions have over 35 years experience in the design and manufacture of heavy lift hovercrafts.  Unique experience has been gained in material movement techniques allowing us to  provide technical advice on a range of products other than hovercraft.

Our hovercraft consultancy services include:

Some companies may sell hovercraft without visiting the area it is due to work in, quite often forcing the craft outside it's technical envelope.  Hovertrans Solutions hovercraft consultants do not work in this way and offer a full feasibility study service. Please view our feasibility section.

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