Large Hovercraft - The Worlds largest Hovercraft by weight

Large Hovercraft

The Hoverbarge is basically a large cargo Hovercraft, apart from it does not travel at high speed.

The Toucan I Hoverbarge shown in the picture is 51.8m x 27.4m with an all up weight of 900 tonnes, making it currently the worlds largest hovercraft (by weight).

The challenge was to provide a stable oil well drilling and equipment platform in the environmentally sensitive swamp areas of Northern Suriname. The innovative design enabled the hover barge to be assembled on a remote site at the edge of the swamp. The hover height is 4ft and when on hover, only exerts 1psi ground pressure. It features a 40ft by 10ft keyway slot which allows the hover barge to move away from the well head once drilling is completed.  The Hoverbarge has a 330 tonne payload.

Worlds Largest Hovercraft