Shallow Water Hover Ferries
Hover over the sandbars

No infrastructure? Shallow water depths?

The Hoverbarge has proven to be an excellent workhorse operating as a shallow water ferry service across rivers.  If you are no longer allowed to dredge a river, or find that seasonal weather conditions are affecting your service, the Hoverbarge might be the alternative.

If your project requires a river crossing where no infrastructure exists, or a bridge will take too long to build, the Hoverbarge might be the solution.

Shallow Water Hover Ferry

The Yukon Princess Hoverbarges, 160t payload.

The two Yukon Princess Hoverbarges, designed by Mackace Ltd. in 1976 operated as a ferry service across the Yukon River.  Two 160 tonne payload Hoverbarges ferried trucks, loaded with pipes and equipment for building the pipeline in Alaska.  The river had a strong current and was frozen when the operation started and refroze by the time the operation finished.  A total of 3000 tonnes was moved every 24 hours.  If you would like to know more about this particular project, please contact us, as our managers were involved with this project.

Only exerting 1psi whilst on hover, compared to an average human footprint of 8psi the Hoverbarge will also minimise any impact to the environment.