Ship-to-Shore Vessel
Transport goods over tidal ports and directly onto land

No suitable port for your heavy loads?  Has the port been destroyed by a natural disaster such as a Tsunami?

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Save on the need of building or upgrading a port or causeway to move your heavy loads.  The Hoverbarge is the ideal ship to shore vessel.  The Hoverbarge can operate as a ferry service from a ship moored offshore to bring in heavy loads and supplies.

Ship to Shore Vessel

Such a system would be ideal to respond to areas devastated by natural disaster such as a Tsunami, where the infrastructure has been destroyed and goods and supplies need to be transported quickly to aid relief efforts. The advantage of using a Hoverbarge ship-to-shore solution is that goods too heavy for conventional high speed Hovercraft can be transported ashore. This includes equipment such as bulldozers and removing rubble too. Our modular range of Hoverbarges can be trucked and assembled on site, opening up access to inland areas.

The Hoverbarge can go over virtually any terrain and water depth. 

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Ship-to-Shore Applications:  

- Disaster response

- Shallow water areas  

- Tidal zones

- No dock or quays

- Congested ports  

- Eliminate dredging

- Ship to Shore Connector